Internet Services

Metro Ethernet

The fact is, businesses are using ever greater amounts of bandwidth-intensive applications, high definition media and online storage and face the challenge of balancing growing bandwidth needs with limited budgets. For rapidly growing companies especially, non-scalable services like T1 or T3/Ds3 lines can be inflexible and expensive to manage. Metro Ethernet offers a flexible, cost-effective alternative to legacy systems, combining their speed and reliability with extreme scalability. Metro Ethernet can be used as a direct, private circuit or as part of an MPLS network, offering a highly secure way to transfer data across your MAN (Metro Area Network). Leverage the power of 10X’s strategic working relationships with over 100 Metro Ethernet carriers/ISP’s to receive competitive, negotiated and aggressive pricing on Metro Ethernet. Simply put, nobody can get you a lower price on bandwidth for your business, period!

Fiber Optic

10X’s dedicated Internet access consists of a secure, fully interoperable and scalable suite of connections capable of handling IPv4 and IPv6 deployment. This comprehensive suite of Internet solutions includes:

  • 3Mbps to 100 Gbps Ethernet bandwidth
  • 99.999% network availability
  • Dedicated, direct Internet connection including 100% fiber local loop
  • Public IP address allocation
  • Low latency local loop
  • Reliable packet delivery
  • Point-to-point or ring configuration
  • Primary/secondary domain name service
  • Solid service level agreements
  • 24x7x365 customer service and support
  • For more information on any of our solutions Email us or call 800-540-1553.

    Business Cabling

    A flawless structured cable solution is critical to any efficient network.

    Internet Services

    Internet Services

    10X Communications products have the power to transform business operations, create efficiencies and save money.

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