10X Communications your technology integrator! Specializing in implementing networking and security solutions for your business. We can assist in all aspects of your business networking, telephony and WiFI needs. Let us design, implement, and monitor your Fiber, and WiFI networks. With over 25 years of experience, relationships with 150+ service providers, our customized solutions will ensure continuity for your business. At no time have electronic security solutions been more accessible, advanced and necessary for business. Our cloud security solutions are industry leading. The systems we can help with include cabling, networking, telephony, surveillance, access control, alarm, and intercom. Contact us for a no obligation consultation today.

For more information on any of our solutions Email us or call 800-540-1553.

Business Cabling

A flawless structured cable solution is critical to any efficient network.

Internet Services

Internet Services

10X Communications products have the power to transform business operations, create efficiencies and save.

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